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The Maestro's Tale


Acting with compassion toward those who have wronged you isn't easy, nor is it instinctual. We see now, that those bad actors once stood where we did, and may have become just as lost as us long ago. Could this be why they prey upon the uninformed? We set out to share newfound wisdom and talent in the hopes they may one day find a redemption, or at the very least a reflection on their past or rectification. Our sights turn to leave the supernatural realm that's gifted us with a new being. We journey home. In our travels, we keep hope that we will be able to see our benevolent stranger again, now a friend we will never forget.


Fangs, no fangs

They say you lost your fangs

But it’s late, too late

The venom is in your head

Eyes on the road

Nocturnal eyes watch from afar

Take me home, take me home

Do the hitchhikers know which way do we go?



Waving hands from passing cars

No more need be said

We will meet again

I’ll see you my friend

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