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The Maestro's Tale


Nothing is so incredible as a benevolent stranger that comes to save us from bad actors preying upon our talents. We look to them with hope; our guide to the supernatural world we are lost in. As soon as they come to save us, though, they are taken from us all too quickly. We are left lost amidst an infinite sea of unfamiliar places, and choices. Once again the wants, needs and desires creep back in to try to pull us in different directions. But something grows within us, and we make a choice to pick a direction, and stick by it. Right, or wrong, we head into the unusual, and learn about it, and in doing so learn about ourselves, for we are the unusual.



Listen to the clouds they sing

The thunder knows just what you think

So gray, they teach you all the tricks

To be like them until it sticks

The Field

Can’t we just reset the landscape and rebuild?

Building charts and signs and guides until we’ve had our fill



Sirened when they turned, clicking heels 'gainst the earth

flint beneath their soles to make the forest burn

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